2021-11-16 09:28News

Roto-Sieve makes a difference at Biond plant in Helsingborg, Sweden

Biond operates and develops one of Sweden´s largest waste management- and biogas production plants outside Helsingborg, Sweden. The plant has a capacity of approximately 150 000-tonnes of organic waste per year and provide the transport sector and Swedish agriculture with biogas and liquid biofertilizer.

The biofertilizer is certified according to SPCR 120, which i.a. means visible contaminants must not exceed 10 cm2/kg biofertilizer.

Those requirements were not met before the Lackeby Roto-Sieve Drum screen RS 36 was installed.

In cooperation with Purac AB, a Lackeby Roto-Sieve Drum screen RS 36 was chosen and installed in 2020. The measured value of the visible contaminants after the Roto-Sieve is now close to zero! Most of the separated material from the biofertilizer consists of plastic and straw that goes on to incineration.

About Lackeby

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Daniel Lindström
Marketing- & Sales Director
Daniel Lindström