2023-02-10 09:29News

Lackeby´s heat exchangers chosen for Europe´s largest WWTP

Lackeby HSW Heat exchangers

After several years of evaluating accredited suppliers of sludge heat exchangers, SUEZ selects Lackeby HSW Heat exchangers for the upgrading of Seine Aval WWTP at Achères, France! 

Being the largest wastewater treatment plant in Europe, Seine Aval WWTP handles 70% of the Parisians wastewater and have been producing biogas for more than 70 years. To optimize the sludge digestion and biogas production, the process will now be modernized from mesophilic to thermophilic digestion. The biogas will be used to produce electricity and hot water for the operation of the Seine Aval plant, and the modernization is predicted to increase the plants energy self-sufficiency with about 70%.

Lackeby´s sludge heat exchangers where chosen based on the unique design which provides the highest possible heat transfer as well as meeting demands for a small footprint and serviceability. The final design is a result of a fruitful teamwork between Lackeby Products, Roto-Sieve France and SUEZ project organization.

In total, Lackeby will deliver 55 heat exchangers to the plant during 2023!

About Lackeby

Lackeby Products AB has more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high performance products for resource-efficient heat recovery and wastewater recycling. In our production facilities in Sweden we have made thousands of products for the toughest environments world wide. We are well known for our ability to customize products to each customer’s unique requirements. All of our products are characterized by reliability, long life cycles and easy maintenance making Lackeby Products a trusted partner and supplier of products for plant upgrades or new plant constructions. We guarantee high quality, excellent performance and complete satisfaction.


Magnus Axelsson
Magnus Axelsson