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Lackeby Products celebrates 85 years


With Lackeby Products celebrating 85 years in 2020, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the company's history and where we see ourselves today.


Customer focus, confidence in our employees, curiosity and innovation are the principles that form the core of our operations. Although there may have been moments when we lost focus somewhat, we have never forgotten these core

guiding principles and have always found our way back to them.


85 years ago, in 1935 to be exact, Läckeby Rörledningsaffär was founded by my grandfather, Martin Axelsson. At that time, the company mainly worked with plumbing installations. When my father, Kjell Axelsson, and his older brother Stig took over the company in 1967, the focus shifted more and more into pumping stations and water purification. This was the time when the product manufacturing started, and the successful story of the Roto-Sieve Drum screen begins. The Roto-Sieve has proven itself to be a superior and reliable solution for separation needs in various applications worldwide and a strong brand that we are proud to manage.


The company constellations and ownership forms have varied over the years, but the Axelsson family has always been involved – both as owner and in the operations.


Our aim has always been to deliver the right product to the right price and to help our customers find the optimal solution for their specific project. Thanks to our vast experience with the products and their related processes, our customers can always feel confident to rely on Lackeby as a caring and competent supplier.


As a third generation Axelsson, managing Lackeby Products with its history, heritage and, above all, its talented employees instils in me a sense of pride and humility. Our goal is for Lackeby Products to be a stimulating and engaging employer and workplace, where our skilled employees can continue to develop the high quality, cutting-edge products we are known for, to position the company for future challenges.


We are extremely pleased to have you join us in celebrating our 85th anniversary, whether customer, supplier, or employee.  


Kind regards,


Magnus Axelsson


Lackeby Products

About Lackeby

Lackeby Products AB ingår i den familjeägda koncernen FAMAX AB med över 50 anställda och en omsättning på strax över 100 MSEK (2018). Lackeby Products AB har 46 anställda och konstruerar och tillverkar utrustning för miljömässig rening och återvinning. All tillverkning sker i Kalmar. Företaget är en engagerad samarbetspartner med hög process- och produktkunskap. Företaget utvecklar och tillverkar utrustning som minskar miljöpåverkan, därför är det en uttalad målsättning att företagets egna rutiner och produktionsmetoder ständigt förbättras för att minimera påverkan på miljön.


Magnus Axelsson
Magnus Axelsson